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Hurricane Alley Raw Bar and Restaurant in Boynton Beach

April 17, 2014, 4:35 pm, Posted by NewToPalmBeach - no responses

I am very embarrassed to admit that after living in Boynton Beach for 8 years, I finally made it over to Hurricane Alley Raw Bar and Restaurant on the corner of Ocean and Dixie.

hurr logo

I’m not sure what took us so long, but every time we made our way over to the beach, and stopped at that traffic light, you couldn’t help but notice the tables outside the restaurant packed with patrons at just about any time of the day.

The first thing I did was go to and purchased a $20 certificate for $10 bucks.  It’s a great place to save on dining, especially when trying out a restaurant for the first time.

We parked across the street, and were able to get a table outside.  The weather wasn’t great, but with the plastic wind guards down, we were sure to keep dry and comfortable.  Our server quickly greeted us, brought us our drinks and we ordered Oysters Rockefeller.  I’m told this place is known for it’s raw bar, but it’s just not in season and we don’t want to take any chances.

hurr ent

These babies came overflowing with creamy spinach and fresh parmessean cheese all over them.  It was a warm and well blended taste that definitely woke up the appetite!

hurr oyst

For entrees my wife ordered a Shrimp and Scallop special and I ordered the seared Tuna Ceaser Salad.  Both plates had a good portion, and my salad was huge!  The Tuna was fresh and perfectly cooked, and my wife’s shrimp and scallops were tender, juicy and also cooked just right.

hurr tuna

With our $20 certificate, the whole meal came in under $50 and I thought well worth it.  I’d like to come back again when the raw bar is in season and chow down on that!  Overall it’s an eclectic type of neighborhood bar meets pretty awesome cooking with a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere, one we hope to frequent again soon.


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