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AGAVE TACO BAR in Federal Market Place, Fort Lauderdale

February 2, 2016, 3:42 pm, Posted by NewToPalmBeach - no responses

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Ivan Alarcon’s 3rd location has just opened its doors to the public as of February 1st 2016 in Federal Market Place, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

This expansion to Ivan’s restaurant portfolio will include AGAVE TACO BAR, the newest interpretation of his Mexican concept. Known for his established locations in Davie East and Davie West that currently go by El Agave Azul, he is diving into the Fort Lauderdale scene to share authentic Mexican fare. Since opening El Agave Azul in 2010, the concept has evolved into a modern Mexican taqueria. AGAVE TACO BAR Fort Lauderdale and Doral locations will be a ‘hybrid’ partial-full-service version of the Agave concept. Whereas, the existing Davie locations will follow suit and transition to AGAVE TACO BAR in the future, these locations will remain ‘fast-casual’ versus ‘partial-full-service’.

Founder, Ivan Alarcon was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico where he grew up learning family recipes in his Grandmother’s kitchen. These traditional Mexican flavors provided the foundation for the AGAVE TACO BAR brand. While staying true to his roots, Ivan created a concept rich in Mexican culture

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THE MENU was developed over the course of Ivan’s life and travels, marrying both experiences and genuine flavors. The kitchen harnesses trends while maintaining an authentic appeal for those seeking true Mexican fare. AGAVE TACO BAR in Fort Lauderdale will serve signature items found in both Davie locations, such as; Tacos de Trompo (house specialty taco), Build Your Own, El Burrito Regio and Sopes del Jefe (a handcrafted corn cake with pork belly). The newest locations will introduce the BOTANAS Specialty section, offering seasonal customized items served to your table. Botanas will feature: Agave Ceviche, Alitas Asadas (grilled chicken wings) and Empanadas de Masa Azul (blue corn vegetarian empanadas). Dishes are made from scratch daily; complete with fresh produce, fifteen different meat choices and specialty items. AGAVE TACO BAR will exploit taste buds and share with its guest’s authentic- modern Mexican cuisine.

AGAVE TACO BAR was designed to evoke a sense of exploration without leaving town. You are greeted with a creative interior carefully selected to share the story and evolution of the concept. Where modern meets rustic, this location showcases handpicked pieces Ivan himself brought back from Monterrey, Mexico. From: hand- blown lanterns, vibrant tiles, lively draperies, and classic pottery to framed traditional Amate artwork. The rustic wooden booths, bistro-style tables, wall décor and edison light fixtures draw your eyes to the 30ft mural, that ignites an unforgettable dining experience. Guests will find clocks Ivan has set to Monterrey time and coordinates of his ‘Madre Patria’ (motherland) keeping his roots close. The custom quartz bar adds a new element to the Agave concept serving craft/draft beer, wine and margaritas.

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Ivan Alarcon’s AGAVE TACO BAR invites guests to become entrenched in true modern-Mexican culture with an abundance of natural light and warm colors. This location provides a destination for guests to eat, drink and relax.


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