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What’s For Lunch…’Your Greek Cousin’!

June 7, 2016, 6:43 pm, Posted by NewToPalmBeach - no responses

Let me explain!

I was driving around today, in a bit of a rush and found myself turning into the plaza at Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, and headed for the safety of Chick-Fil-A.  Luckily for me, something caught my attention from the corner of my eye.

A Greek restaurant called “Your Greek Cousin”.  Always in the mood for a real gyro I figured I’d give it a shot.  The place was busy, but most people were already enjoying their meals.  I walked up to the counter ordered a gyro and bottle water and paid about 8 bucks.

This is what they brought to my table!
























Seconds later it looked like this:


Needless to say, it did not take long before this scrumptious creation was fully devoured! The few moments I looked up from my plate, I noticed everyone else enjoying their meals as well, with a nice mix of patrons in the clean and bright environment.

Very happy to find a genuine Greek restaurant close by, and can’t wait to go back and try some of their other dishes.  Your Greek Cousin is located at  2060 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL (561) 686-9126.  They are open from 8am-8pm or visit their website at: and tell them New to Palm Beach sent ya!  Also, be sure to ‘Like” their Facebook page for all current specials.


AGAVE TACO BAR in Federal Market Place, Fort Lauderdale

February 2, 2016, 3:42 pm, Posted by NewToPalmBeach - no responses

agave taco 3


Ivan Alarcon’s 3rd location has just opened its doors to the public as of February 1st 2016 in Federal Market Place, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

This expansion to Ivan’s restaurant portfolio will include AGAVE TACO BAR, the newest interpretation of his Mexican concept. Known for his established locations in Davie East and Davie West that currently go by El Agave Azul, he is diving into the Fort Lauderdale scene to share authentic Mexican fare. Since opening El Agave Azul in 2010, the concept has evolved into a modern Mexican taqueria. AGAVE TACO BAR Fort Lauderdale and Doral locations will be a ‘hybrid’ partial-full-service version of the Agave concept. Whereas, the existing Davie locations will follow suit and transition to AGAVE TACO BAR in the future, these locations will remain ‘fast-casual’ versus ‘partial-full-service’.

Founder, Ivan Alarcon was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico where he grew up learning family recipes in his Grandmother’s kitchen. These traditional Mexican flavors provided the foundation for the AGAVE TACO BAR brand. While staying true to his roots, Ivan created a concept rich in Mexican culture

agave taco 2

THE MENU was developed over the course of Ivan’s life and travels, marrying both experiences and genuine flavors. The kitchen harnesses trends while maintaining an authentic appeal for those seeking true Mexican fare. AGAVE TACO BAR in Fort Lauderdale will serve signature items found in both Davie locations, such as; Tacos de Trompo (house specialty taco), Build Your Own, El Burrito Regio and Sopes del Jefe (a handcrafted corn cake with pork belly). The newest locations will introduce the BOTANAS Specialty section, offering seasonal customized items served to your table. Botanas will feature: Agave Ceviche, Alitas Asadas (grilled chicken wings) and Empanadas de Masa Azul (blue corn vegetarian empanadas). Dishes are made from scratch daily; complete with fresh produce, fifteen different meat choices and specialty items. AGAVE TACO BAR will exploit taste buds and share with its guest’s authentic- modern Mexican cuisine.

AGAVE TACO BAR was designed to evoke a sense of exploration without leaving town. You are greeted with a creative interior carefully selected to share the story and evolution of the concept. Where modern meets rustic, this location showcases handpicked pieces Ivan himself brought back from Monterrey, Mexico. From: hand- blown lanterns, vibrant tiles, lively draperies, and classic pottery to framed traditional Amate artwork. The rustic wooden booths, bistro-style tables, wall décor and edison light fixtures draw your eyes to the 30ft mural, that ignites an unforgettable dining experience. Guests will find clocks Ivan has set to Monterrey time and coordinates of his ‘Madre Patria’ (motherland) keeping his roots close. The custom quartz bar adds a new element to the Agave concept serving craft/draft beer, wine and margaritas.

agave taco 1
Ivan Alarcon’s AGAVE TACO BAR invites guests to become entrenched in true modern-Mexican culture with an abundance of natural light and warm colors. This location provides a destination for guests to eat, drink and relax.

Best Date Ever Nominee: UpTown Art!

December 7, 2015, 4:28 pm, Posted by NewToPalmBeach - no responses

We here at New to Palm Beach do our best to support local businesses and to find interesting things to do and share with our audience. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably already participated in, or at least seen a ‘Paint and Sip’ event.


These events charge a small fee so that you can follow along the instructions of a professional artist and create your own painting. While there are several of these establishments in Palm Beach County, one of our favorites is UpTown Art right here in West Palm Beach (now also open in Boca and Jupiter).

IMG_7277 IMG_7276 IMG_7275

The way it work is you visit their website to see their events calendar and decide which painting you want to paint: Click Here for Events Calendar.  Click through, register and make payment, usually about $35. On the day of the event, arrive about 15 minutes early so you can get a good seat, grab your smock and plate of paints and your ready to go!


The class is always fun and the teachers are highly competent and easy going. The going gets easier as everyone is invited to bring their own choice of drink and snacks.


The best part is that whether you are a novice or an advanced painter you’ll come away with something you’ll be proud to hand up in your home. I’ve been there 5 times now, and my personal collection is starting to grow. I’ve received tons of compliments on my paintings, and prior to these classes I never painted on canvas before!


Not only does it make for a great date, but they have private rooms for birthday parties or groups for just about any occasion. So, what are you waiting for, go feed your inner Picasso and then post your master piece on our Facebook Page. For more information contact UpTown Art at: 561.899.3980
510 Evernia Street – West Palm Beach, FL 33401

John Garcia – New to Palm Beach

Hurricane Alley Raw Bar and Restaurant in Boynton Beach

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I am very embarrassed to admit that after living in Boynton Beach for 8 years, I finally made it over to Hurricane Alley Raw Bar and Restaurant on the corner of Ocean and Dixie.

hurr logo

I’m not sure what took us so long, but every time we made our way over to the beach, and stopped at that traffic light, you couldn’t help but notice the tables outside the restaurant packed with patrons at just about any time of the day.

The first thing I did was go to and purchased a $20 certificate for $10 bucks.  It’s a great place to save on dining, especially when trying out a restaurant for the first time.

We parked across the street, and were able to get a table outside.  The weather wasn’t great, but with the plastic wind guards down, we were sure to keep dry and comfortable.  Our server quickly greeted us, brought us our drinks and we ordered Oysters Rockefeller.  I’m told this place is known for it’s raw bar, but it’s just not in season and we don’t want to take any chances.

hurr ent

These babies came overflowing with creamy spinach and fresh parmessean cheese all over them.  It was a warm and well blended taste that definitely woke up the appetite!

hurr oyst

For entrees my wife ordered a Shrimp and Scallop special and I ordered the seared Tuna Ceaser Salad.  Both plates had a good portion, and my salad was huge!  The Tuna was fresh and perfectly cooked, and my wife’s shrimp and scallops were tender, juicy and also cooked just right.

hurr tuna

With our $20 certificate, the whole meal came in under $50 and I thought well worth it.  I’d like to come back again when the raw bar is in season and chow down on that!  Overall it’s an eclectic type of neighborhood bar meets pretty awesome cooking with a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere, one we hope to frequent again soon.

Savvy Short-Sellers Ask for Credentials

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More than 2 million homes have been sold as short-sales since 2008. There has certainly been some negative press surrounding short-sales, however, when executed properly, a short-sale can represent an awesome deal for home buyers and a great option for sellers to avoid foreclosure. In order to protect yourself, your investment, and generate your desired outcome, ask for your real estate agent’s credentials to be sure they know the ins and outs of this type of home sale.

A short-sale is a home that is being sold for less than what the owner owes on the current mortgage. Unlike a foreclosure where the bank holds the title, the title of the short-sale home still belongs to the seller. The seller’s lender must approve the sale amount, which typically takes at least two months if there is just one lender, and four or more months if there are multiple lenders.

In order to move through the short-sale process quickly, buyer and seller financing must be in order. Documents such as tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, and proof of income are required. Flexibility on closing terms will also help close the deal sooner rather than later. Buyers are recommended to remove contingencies, and sellers must be in the mindset to do what it takes to sell and move on.

Making a strong offer is a must. Keeping in mind that a lender is going to take a couple of months to accept or approve an offer, and they want to take the smallest loss possible, a buyer must go in with a good offer if they want the property. Remember to avoid contingencies. Despite wanting to avoid foreclosure, if a seller is asked to pay the remaining mortgage balance at the closing table, a financially-stretched seller will likely turn the offer down. In addition, if a seller has multiple lenders, they could be sued for the difference owed after closing. Counter-offers and rejections only prolong the process for both the buyer and seller.

Listen up, home sellers! The time to short-sale is now! According to a recent article in the Sun Sentinel, the Florida Housing Financial Corp. is about to reach its limit in the $350 million state program designed to help underwater borrowers.

Experience counts. Your savvy short-sale realtor is well-versed in which documents the bank is looking for, and will guide you through making and accepting an offer. He has a team of professionals, including a trusted real estate attorney and title officer, to navigate the short-sale process and take these deals to fruition. Ask for your agent’s credentials to make sure he is certified in short-sales and can guide and protect you while buying or selling a short-sale property.

Here at ACE Home Team, David Santangelo has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers purchase and sell short-sale properties. He has been certified through the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing, and his team of short-sale savvy professionals is provided at no additional cost to the buyer or seller. If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling a short-sale property, or just interested in understanding more about the process and your options, please call us at 954-895-2026. You can also email us at and visit our website: