Thai Jo

700 S Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Scott Guerrieri and Joe Clark, the innovative team behind the popular Sushi Jo Restaurants, have recently debuted Thai Jo, with interesting new twists on Thai classics. Located upstairs at CityPlace, the sleek eatery's dark walls are accented with striking, red upholstered banquettes, bold white columns and exotic artwork. Vivid purple orchids and subtle lighting enhance the striking atmosphere. Outdoor seating offers views of the lively CityPlace scene.

To set the mood for a stylish and delicious meal, select from the international list of reds, whites, blushes, champagnes and sparkling wines; or try one of the domestic or imported beers or sakes. Hot green tea is offered by either the cup or pot. The traditional soups, like Tom Kah with coconut milk, or the clear Tom Yum, can be enriched with either chicken, shrimp or lobster; and the fresh salads, including the Seaweed or Shrimp-Mango-Avocado ones, are dressed with your choice of Miso, Carrot Ginger or Peanut sauces. A sumptuous appetizer, Kobe Beef Tips in Basil Sauce, is a special way to begin your feast. Thai delicacies such as curries spiced to your level of heat from one to five; Whole Fried Snapper in several different styles; New York Strip with steamed vegetables; and comforting Stir Fries, Drunken Noodles and the beloved Pad Thai are all expertly prepared and beautifully plated.

For Sushi and Sashimi devotees, there's the unusual Sashimi Pizza, with your seafood choice on a grilled tortilla with vegetables, Thai Spices and a Sweet Chili Sauce. Specialty and traditional rolls can be enjoyed a la carte or as a dinner, complete with soup or salad. The menu is huge and varied, but the quality of all the fabulous selections is unsurpassed. Thai Jo is where beautiful people meet to savor exquisite food in a sophisticated setting.

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